Member Only Benefits

  • Travel Club – Flexibreaks
  • Access to Myworld cash back program
  • Education discounts
  • Group pricing on short-term insurance
  • Access to group rates with Greydot
  • Mobile @ less than R0.40 per minute

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Travel Club – Flexibreaks

  • Accommodation
  • Car Hire
  • Flights 
  • Bus Tours
  • Sea Cruises 
  • Train Tours
  • Overseas Holidays 
  • Travel Insurance 

Myworld Cash Back Program

  • Online Shopping 
  • Local Shopping 
  • Coupons
  • eVouchers
  • Member Benfits

Savings on Short-term insurance

  • Group discounts
  • Massive monthly savings

Facts about Infinity Stokvel

We are not like anyone or anything else. We do not compete but instead we create. Infity Stokvel is a stand alone company. We help everyone by feeding the entry level. No positions are changed or amended to benefit someone else. Infinity Stokvel is a gifting platform. Please note that you are responsible for your own tax obligations.

Why should I join? 

  • Through Infinity Stokvel you can help people
  • Blessing or gifting program – start with R150 (one spot yourself)
  • Sponsor family members or friends
  • Real benefits for real people 
  • Non-profit and non-interest program
  • Automated system 


Level 1


  • R50 becomes R400
  • R250 to upgrade to a new level
  • R150 3 new positions (you and 2 that you sponsor) 
  • You nominate those you sponsor or Infinity will allocate spots 

Level 2


  • R250 becomes R2 000
  • R1 500 to upgrade to a new level
  • R100 2 new positions (you and 1 that you sponsor)
  • R200 admin fee
  • R200 entry into international gifting platform
  • You nominate those you sponsor or Infinity will allocate spots

Level 3


  • R1 500 becomes R12 000
  • R7 500 to upgrade to a new level
  • R250 5 new positions (you and 4 that you sponsor)
  • R250 admin fee
  • R4 000 cash payout
  • You nominate those you sponsor or Infinity will allocate spots

Level 4


  • R7 500 becomes R60 000
  • R10 000 2 International Platforms 
  • 30 new positions (10 for yourself and 20 that you sponsor)
  • R2 000 to a charity of your choice 
  • R10 000 retail food voucher 
  • R8 000 clothing and home voucher 
  • R30 000 cash payout 
  • You nominate those you sponsor or Infinity will allocate spots


13 new positions on active levels
Sponsored 25 new people with R50 spots
Walk away with R34 000 cash
R2 000 donated to a charity of your choice
R8 000 clothing and home voucher
R10 000 food voucher
R10 000 international programs (Retirement)

4 Streams of Income

Sub Marine


Gift of Legacy 

Infinity Stokvel 


Once you are in the program you have 13 active positions that will fund these incomes over and over. Each of them will give you 13 and so on and on and on…..


  • Enter with R150 –Yourself and 2 friends or family
  • PLUS- You can enter personally at any time with a R150 of which one position will be yourself and 2 gift positions that you have to nominate
  • All the people that you sponsor must have your cellphone number and at payment date sponsor banking details will be required
  • Multiple spots are allowed, but for each spot you need to bless two new persons or organizations
  • Gift/sponsor spots will be allocated by Stokvel
  • Use only allocated numbers to send POP to 066 208 2801
  • Use correct reference names
  • Name and surname and last 4 numbers of your cell phone number E.g. frikvanrensburg3949
  • No reference = sponsor positions
  • The board reserves the right to remove any person who does not comply
  • All queries to allocated channels
  • Members will be added according to payment
  • If you see duplicate names, it should be their sponsor spots as they move through the levels as well as additional entries
  • Make sure you are on the group of the level that you are currently on – 4 groups on Telegram
  • It is the sponsors responsibility to make sure that their people are on the levels – Telegram
  • Non-members will be removed and blocked
  • Spammers and cross recruiters will be removed and blocked
  • Anyone who is greedy, selfish or does not follow the rules will be caught and removed from our gifting program including their sponsor spots
  • All members are required to send at least 5 names and surnames to be sponsored to 079 246 6996
  • All groups will be opened at allocated times for interaction
  • All previous recordings will be removed